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"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."

                                                                                    ~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


The Dialogue:

Just as the rain forsaken desert plateau thirsts for the monsoon season of rain to blossom and thrive, so the people of this nation desperately crave and need a lone drip of love and hope in each of our hearts. Hearts that awaken to the same sunrise, hearts that have common dreams, and hearts that hope for a common future.


A nation’s and people’s history of declared independence through heroism and valor, and the promised "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" and a conflicting dual history of judgement, inhumanity, and heart and soul breaking deeds, have unified us, but at the same time has so traumatically, and severely divided us. The pride and honor rooted in our monuments and achievements linger in our minds, but the well of despair rightfully and deeply penetrates our hearts and the rivers of confusion and anger powerfully rage through our veins because of our dual past and existing reality.

As a nation, a people, as a people of different origins, as historically bound or free, but most importantly, as human beings, we must take a breath; a soul-filled breath. During the stillness and life of this one breath, please consider taking one step, genuinely consider taking a first single step, one single step towards a long needed national dialogue. A dialogue which will cleanse our souls, hearts and minds, and redefine a beautiful nation, a form and type of nation, rooted in understanding, hope, love and a true and living beacon nation where everyone's heart can thrive and flourish.


That one first step towards a national dialogue may be filled with doubt, questions, and a stinging lack of trust; a lack of trust that is expected and earned. Of course, this dialogue would be difficult and some may refuse. Some may outright not believe in the dialogue. That is expected; however, please listen to your heart, take the first step, and accept the invitation to participate in a national dialogue as human beings, and make this journey together a Human Promise, and may our hearts carry the torch of hope.

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