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About us

The founder of The Human Promise, Dr. N. Jonas Ohrberg is simply someone who cares about others, believes in positive and constructive progress in society, and has hope for a better future. Based on personal experiences and observations Jonas decided to put some ideas and thoughts on paper and he developed the concept of  The Human Promise. The Human Promise is not an extraordinary concept, but rather very simple.    


The Human Promise is rooted in the words, writings and life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The attempt is to increase awareness of fostering a society rooted in the human spirit and human progress through acceptance, cooperation, fairness, and reconciliation.


The content and pictures on this website are not used to raise funds or promote a specific political philosophy. The content and the message included in this website are not related to or supported by any religious, educational or political organizations. This is a simple message of hope, learning, and constructive progress. 


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