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Trust in Progress

Throughout history there has been progress made in relation to reducing intolerance, bias, injustice, and inequality. It is evident that progress has been made, it must be argued, however; that a much deeper level of progress must be achieved. As the water of the shallow mountain creek slowly erodes the moss covered rocks in the creek bed, so must progress even deeper cut into the fabric of society. This is a process that takes time. Unfortunately we are plagued by regularly occurring tragedies and violence all over the world. It is difficult to see that change has occurred and it is even more difficult to envision hope for the future. The pains of history and the wounds of our past around the world are continuously being re-opened. Trust in progress, hope and unity around the world may at times dissipate, if initial trust was even apparent. Even though the sadness, frustration, and lack of hope permeate many of us, a deep and genuine craving for change exists. Continual work towards influencing change can never end. The Dream has to become a deeper reality by promising ourselves and our children we will take the momentum and drive for conversion through The Human Promise.How can you contribute to this change?

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