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What is the Human Promise?




The Human Promise is the premise that we, as human beings and a society, must actively walk and live Dr. King's Dream. We can no longer just talk or reminisce  on the power and purity of Dr. King's Dream, but through considering the color of each other’s' hearts, and actively working towards reconciliation, The Human Promise can be achieved. It starts with a dialogue...




The Human Promise is a means to bridge the gap between the message, truth, and hopes of Dr. King’s Dream into an engrained way of life and co-existence within society. It is more than a mere Dream, but an individual’s willingness to actively respect the differences of others, actively acknowledge that everyone has the right to live and exercise their freedoms without prejudice or inequality, and fear, actively focus on understanding one’s own personal bias and behavior that may negatively influence those around us, actively and genuinely forgive personal bias of others, actively take responsibility for how we contribute to the betterment of others, actively support values and practices that enhance and support equality, justice and fairness in every aspect of daily life, family, education, employment, business, government, and actively embrace the idea that patience, understanding, respect, and reconciliation are the foundation for a peaceful existence as members of the Human Family.


The Human Promise is a means of transforming society rooted in justice, equality, fairness, understanding, acceptance, and reconciliation. However, The Human Promise does not discredit, ignore or attempt to erase the extraordinarily beautiful racial, ethnic, cultural, religious/ceremonial heritage of the various communities. One can argue that the Human Promise is a crazy and unrealistic proposition. It is understandable that one can and will doubt this suggested approach and message in relation to overcoming challenges in our society rooted in so much fear, violence, anger, hatred, devastation, and pain. However, the most simple idea, rooted in Dr. King's words and life can foster a true and genuine change in our lives and society.











For The Human Promise to become a reality the leaders within the various majority and minority communities, organizations, institutions, and agencies must acknowledge that there is a need for change. Each individual leader must become an agent of said change.  These leaders and entities have to realize and own the responsibility of fostering and promoting a positive and constructive conversation for change in society and reconciliation.



The Future


History has had signficant impact on race/identity, and the various ethnic/cultural groups in the United States. We can and will change our communities and society by teaching, motivating and inspiring our children to change their time and future as members of the human community.

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