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Unity of The Human Promise

Each group, community, for-profit or non-profit organization, and leader promoting The Human Promise must consider the importance of complete unity when implementing The Human Promise. This includes unity of intent and action within each community as it relates to the whole of The Human Promise. Currently, there are local, regional, and national organizations within various groups and communities that are severely divided internally. The goals are more or less the same. They include fairness, justice, and equality, however; internal strife, the judgement of others, selfishness, personal bias, and greed often inhibit and prevent genuine progress.

Petty disagreements, selfishness, and greed will only contribute to frustration, division, and anger, which completely prevent productive alteration. Dr. King eloquently stated the following in “I Have a Dream: Writings and Speeches that Changed the World,” “….We are challenged to rise above the narrow confines of our individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” Moreover, Dr. King also noted, “Fortunately, we are increasingly aware that we must not try to defend our position by methods that contradict the aim of brotherhood.” As part of the purpose and goal of the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. King made the statement, “It will be done by rejecting the racism, materialism, and violence that has characterized the Western civilization and especially by working toward a world of brotherhood, cooperation, and peace.” Furthermore, while being awarded the Noble Peace Prize in 1964, Dr. King expressed the following, “Today I come to Oslo as a trustee, inspired and with renewed dedication to humanity. I accept this prize on behalf of all men who love peace and brotherhood.” The ability to transcend The Dream is based on everyone unifying at the local, regional, and national level within the groups, communities and organizations.

The question is, how can we transcend our individualistic concerns and genuinely focus on the concerns of all humanity?

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